The roadmap for the communicating organization.

Der Weg zur
kommunizierenden Organisation.

Define long-term goals in the strategy

Thinking about content

Communication is like a puzzle: The right overall picture only can be created with a plan, the communication strategy. It starts with the history of your company, with enthusiastic people, exciting ideas and deserved wins. Hard facts, soft skills and business plans then lay the foundation with firm lateral thinking providing new perspectives.

With many years of experience in SMEs and international companies, we then develop strategic goals and binding communication principles.

  • Communication status and potential analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Project and product development support
  • Maintaining communication ability, story development
  • Commercial viability development for products and services
  • Second opinion on strategy, concepts and projects
  • Communication strategy for exceptional and crisis situations

Secure the stock with the concept

Sort content

How are company and products perceived? Do messages reach customers? Are statements accepted in media cross-examination? In a stress test, we screen the contents that generate benefits: they are accurate, consistent in context and complete in their message, long term sustainable and secured in their impact and subsequent impact.

So a basis is formed for developing tactical concept and action planning.

  • Analysis of websites’ concept and content
  • Development of storylines for topics and projects
  • Orientation systems for buildings and public spaces
  • User Experience/Interfaces

But there's more …

Decisive for the communicating organization

Generate content

As a communicating company/institution within the strategy framework you use all chances to sharpen image and advance turnover. You are in dialogue with customers, employees and the public, you occupy your topics, generate new content and broadcast on all relevant channels. Organizationally, communication acts as an independent, strategic function and sovereign task force.

For this effect and mode of operation, you need a complete map of the current and potentially relevant content. Thus, all messages and argumentations are thought through with the the target groups point of view, new topics are researched and made applicable, networks are established and new communication opportunities are derived. We ask and question, we initiate and implement – until your customers receive everything that actively contributes to the achievement of their goals.

  • Positioning, vision, mission and motivation of companies
  • USP of products and services
  • Benefit arguments
  • Product arguments
  • Presentations

Ideal use of words

Interpret content

Text translates content into the benefit and added value of the target groups. We make demanding topics understandable, wordings are developed and used in accordance with the brand. Our German language texts are self-confident, show attitude and provide search engines the keywords. They determine or question, provoke or touch, bring your concerns into conversation and use the context as an amplifier.

  • Customer media
  • Documentations, annual reports
  • Speeches, speaker texts
  • Ghostwriting professional articles
  • Corporate Wording/Corporate Language
  • Media releases, PR, advertising media
  • Blogs, Websites
  • Proofreading
  • Easy Language, Simple Language
  • Translations foreign languages

Realizing the communicating organization

Apply content

Professional articles, sales push, websites or PR campaigns: Contents provide their communicative performance through implementation.

With many years of experience and a steady hand, we manage these projects, working in proven, lean structures. We set the procedure and schedule, brief and coordinate the other specialists and complete the project according to the budget.

  • Editing customer media, documentations, annual reports
  • Design, graphics, illustration
  • Photography
  • Production Off-/Online-Media
  • Dealer network support, sales promotion, trade fairs
  • Soulbrand® Corporate Identity
  • Redaktion Kundenmedien, Dokumentationen, Geschäftsberichte
  • Design, Grafik, Illustration
  • Fotografie
  • Produktion Off-/Online-Medien
  • Händlernetz-Betreuung, Verkaufsförderung, Messen
  • Soulbrand® Corporate Identity

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WRITE    CALL    +43 664 433 65 60
SEND    Bayerhamerstraße 12b, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

CALL    +43 664 433 65 60
SEND    Bayerhamerstraße 12b, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

CALL    +43 664 433 65 60
SEND    Bayerhamerstraße 12b, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

CALL  +43 664 433 65 60
SEND Bayerhamerstraße 12b, 5020 Salzburg, Austria